Power Steering Hose

If you are looking for power steering line, look no further than Brakequip! We can provide the best power steering line hoses on the market, perfect as a power steering hose replacement or to upgrade your steering lines.

If you need a brake hose replacement instead, make sure to get one from our relevant pages – the power steering line is ideal for a replacement if your old line has worn out or broken.

Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement

The hose acts as a hydraulic line, carrying high-pressure fluid from the power steering pump to the steering rack and back at lower pressure, to assist with steering and make the handling of the car smoother and easier. This makes your it a vital part of your car’s controls and can lead to problems if it wears out or experiences a problem, like a puncture. power steering hose replacement

If you suspect that you have a broken hose, you can check for spurting fluid or pools of hydraulic fluid beneath the car, or follow the smell of burnt oil, which can indicate that your hose has sprung a leak onto the hot engine. However, while this can be fixed temporarily to compensate for damage, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a permanent fix: you should look for a replacement power steering hose as soon as possible.

The hoses available from BrakeQuip is a high-performance, durable hose, with high-temperature ratings and the ability to work effectively with the vast majority of power steering oils. Whether you are replacing a worn-out power steering hose or upgrading your power steering, BrakeQuip has the high-quality power steering hose you need.

If you need a brake hose replacement, the brake hoses available from BrakeQuip, like our stainless steel brake hoses, are specifically designed for use as a brake hose replacement.

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