If you work with vehicles or enjoy adapting and improving cars or motorcycles at home or at a garage, it may have been recommended that you look into replacing any rubber brake hoses in your vehicles’ hydraulic systems with stainless steel braided brake hose replacements. But what is a braided brake hose, and how do they improve on typical rubber versions?

The Braided Brake Hose

Brake hoses are designed to transfer hydraulic fluid from one brake cylinder to another, which allows your input – by way of pushing a pedal or brake lever – to be converted into friction, controlling when and how your brakes engage. These hoses – or tubes – are often made from rubber, which is then sheathed in a type of textile to reinforce it, then inserted into a second layer of rubber. A braided brake hose, on the other hand, is commonly made from either Teflon or PTFE with an outer shell of stainless steel wire.

Why Choose a Braided Brake Hose?

 Here are just a few reasons why a braided brake hose is likely to be a valuable addition to your vehicle’s hydraulic braking system.

Improved Longevity

 Due to the hard-wearing components that go into the creation of a stainless steel braided brake hose, problems such as tube expansion, leaks and other impact or wear-and-tear related damage are far less likely than would be the case should you stick with the rubber alternative. They are also far more corrosion resistant, making them the perfect partner for a system dedicated to transferring hydraulic fluid in all weathers and on a variety of road surfaces. As a result, your vehicle’s performance will be enhanced, and you’ll be able to unreservedly rely on the safety and quality of your braking system.


 It’s important to take pride in the appearance of your vehicle, and rubber brake hoses do not make a particularly attractive accessory. However, in opting for a stainless steel braided brake hose, you can match its colour and finish with the rest of your bodywork to create a look that you can be proud of.


 It takes very little time to have a braided brake hose fitted to your vehicle at any garage. Additionally, these high performance brake hoses require very little upkeep and maintenance, meaning you’ll be able to save time, money and stress in the long run when opting for this feature.

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